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The Flare Masterclass (New)

The guide to master your Flare (45 min.)

The Flare Masterclass

The Flare Masterclass

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Are you stuck on a couple of Flares? This Masterclass is specifically designed for anyone struggling to get to +30 Flares. From warm-up to cleaning exercises, all the way towards tons of combo's and even variations. 
This Masterclass will become your best friend during the months to come as I share with you all my secret exercises I use to train my students.


Now $34,99 !!


The Beginners Masterclass (New)

Everything a beginner needs to know (70 min.)

Learning how to break with the help of this video might just be a "career changer". After more than 15 years of coaching and teaching some of the best upcoming BBoys from scratch, I have found the most effective ways to list up and transmit the vital information that a beginner needs. This Masterclass has up to 2 years of beginner content, including a massive amount of Toprocks, blow-ups, freezes, powermoves but also the vital information of how to use, execute and combine everything together. Nothing less than the highest quality. 

Now only $29,99 !!