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I am sorry guys, but due to busy schedules I have to put a hold on Online Coaching for a while. 
Please check in again in th
e near future for updates !


Push Your Limits. 

Sometimes a little extra help from the right person can finish off leading up to amazing results.

Don't hesitate to hold back on your own greatness and potential, the clock is ticking.

I offer students a wide variety of online Coaching possibilities,
From private to collective ZOOM sessions, you can find all details bellow.


Private Coaching Options:

- Physical preparation.
- Individual Moves & Transitions.
- Weakness spotting & fix-up.

- Group sessions.

- Competition preparation. 
- Competition Sets & strategies.

- How to teach beginners.

- How to teach advanced. 

- How to form a crew.

- B-Boy choreography & showcase creation.

- Creating Battle Routines. 


Online ZOOM Sessions

Online ZOOM sessions are the future.
Already proven very effective for my students during the lock down.

During these 90 minute sessions, participants get detailed exercises, tips

and most important of all, Feedback.

Discover more about these ZOOM sessions by watching the breakdown Video.



Are you joining a session?

If you have purchased a spot to one of the ZOOM sessions,

don't forget to watch the instruction video


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